General Policies

1. Medical and Safety:

a. It is strongly recommended that members and guests have a medical examination prior to utilizing the SRAC or beginning any exercise program.

b. Individuals participate at their own risk and are encouraged to obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participating in any physical activity.

c. All members and guests are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. Cooperation of everyone is necessary to ensure adequate safety.

d. Activity that is destructive or appears to be unsafe is prohibited and may result in suspension or termination. Dangerous activity will be determined by staff on duty.

2. Injuries and Incidence:

All injuries and incidence (minor and major) sustained while participating in any activity within the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center, including its programs, must be reported to the nearest staff member immediately. Please report any unsafe conditions to staff.

3. Should an emergency of any kind occur, follow the directions given by the staff.

4. Behavior and Conduct:

a. Fighting: Any member or guest who, in the judgement of a Spartan Recreation employee, engages in a fight, attempts to fight, or instigates a fight or alteration shall have their privileges suspended or revoked. Privileges include entrance into all SRAC facilities and participation in all programs (ie. Intramural Sports, Club Sports, etc.).

b. Alcohol and Drugs: Spartan Recreation facilities and programs are alcohol, drug and narcotics free. This includes steroid use and performance enhancing drugs. This includes members, their sponsored guests and/or spectors, and un-sponsored guests. Members may be held responsible for the conduct of their sponsored guests. Anyone possessing or suspect of being under the influence of alcohol or other substances shall be asked to leave the facility and may be subject to suspension and or termination of membership.

c. Weapons: The Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center and programs are no weapon zones. This includes, but is not limited to: firearms or guns, replicas,ammunition, explosives, fireworks, knives, other weapons, or dangerous chemicals.

d. Language: The use of abusive and/or profane language is prohibited.

e. Harassment: Harassment of any kind is prohibited. All users are expected to treat everyone with dignity and respect while using the recreation center.

f. Spitting: Please refrain from spitting on walls, equipment, or any other areas within the facility.

g. Discipline: Any violation of policies and procedures will result in disciplinary action. The consequence of your actions will be determined by SRAC professional staff.

h. Repeat Offenses: Continuing to act in a way which violates the SRAC policies and procedures could result in suspension or worse. Professional staff will determine the outcome.

5. Proper ID:

a. In lieu of photo Tower ID or member Card, members may use the biometric hand reader. For more information see our Biometric hand reader section.

b. Guests must present a proper form of identification prior to entering the building. This could include a valid drivers license, passport, or other state/federal form of identification.

6. Apparel:

Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.

a. Pants: Short or long exercise/warm-up pants are acceptable. Pants with belts, cut- off pants and/or jeans with metal rivets or zippers are prohibited.

b. Shirts: For hygiene purposes, and to ensure an appropriate appearance, a shirt is required to be worn. The majority of your body must be covered; midriff or back bearing shirts, or shirts with cut outs that fall below the elbow are not allowed.

c. Footwear: Individuals wearing improper footwear will not be permitted to participate in SRAC activities. Shoes should be closed-toed, non-marking, and free of mud and debris. The following are prohibited: cleats, shoes that damage the wood floor, dark-soled shoes which may mark the finish of the wood floor, dance shoes which leave marks, scrapes, or dents in the floor, open-toed athletic footwear, sandals or flip flops (allowed on the pool deck only), and other shoes which may damage the floors or increase an individuals risk of injury.

7. Bags:

Bags are not able to be worn while engaging in physical activity. This includes all backpacks, purses, weighted packs/vests, etc.

8. Hypoxic Training:

We do not allow hypoxic masks to be worn in the facility.

9. Blood restriction training is strictly prohibited.

10. Bikes, Skateboards, and Scooters:

ALL bikes, skateboards, and scooters must be locked up in appropriate areas. They are not allowed within the facility for any reason.

11. Stairways, hallways, and lounges:

All areas must be kept clear at all times. Running, stretching, or any other fitness activity is prohibited from taking place in these areas.

12. Personal Items:

The SRAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is recommended you lock your belongings securely in a locker. We do not recommend you bring high value items, such as watches, jewelry, laptops, etc. to the facility.

13. Martial Arts Equipment:

Knives, swords, nunchaku, bow and arrow, etc. are not allowed in the SRAC at any time.

14. Solicitation/Advertisements:

Handing out flyers, ads, etc is not allowed within the facility. To post on our digital displays, contact our Marketing and Graphics Specialist.

15. Vending machines:

Vending Machines are located on the first floor of the SRAC near equipment checkout. They are there for your convenience. Tampering with or maliciously damaging any vending machine is prohibited. If you have an issue with a machine please notify a staff member immediately.

16. Food/Beverage:

No glass bottles allowed in the facility or on the pool deck. All bottles must be spill-proof; SRAC staff will determine if your bottle meets our standards or not.

a. Spartan Recreation only allows the admittance and use of non-alcoholic beverages in spill-proof, break-resistant containers within all Spartan Recreation facilities.

b. Only small snacks are allowed inside the facility unless pre-approved by the SRAC Associate Director and/or Assistant Director.

c. Food is not allowed in any activity space, including but not limited to, the weight room, 3-court gym, mac gym, fitness studios, track, climbing wall and surrounding area, etc.

d. Pool Deck: Only plastic containers will be allowed on the pool deck. No food or beverage are allowed in any of the pools. Larger parties require the prior approval from the Associate Director and/or Assistant Director; food and drink associated with these parties will be agreed upon prior to the event date.

e. Catering - All catering must go through Spartan Eats.

17. Photography and Technology:

a. Personal Image Release: At various times throughout the year, SRAC staff will be taking digital images, photographs, and/or video of patrons for educational, promotional, and informational purposes for use in department related printed material, social media, and on our website. No identifying information will accompany the likeness or images used in publications.

b. Locker rooms/Restrooms: The use of any audio, video, or photography device is prohibited in the locker rooms and restrooms at all times. This includes all social media posts.

c. Project or Class Related Audio/Visual Recording: Any individual(s) who seeks to film (photograph/video), interview, or conduct class projects in the SRAC must receive prior approval by the SRAC Associate Director or Assistant Director. Taking pictures via camera, video camera, and video-ready cell phones is strictly prohibited in the pool, men and women’s locker rooms, and restrooms.

d. Any media determined to be inappropriate, degrading, harassing, misused, or not authorized by the subjects captured is prohibited.

18. Personal Music:

Headphones, cell phones, and personal music boxes should not disturb those around you. Be mindful of the volume on your device and adjust accordingly if asked to by a staff member. Personal music should be contained to a ten foot radius around you. Foul language will not be tolerated.

19. Lost and Found:

a. Stolen Items - The SRAC is not liable for lost or stolen items

b. Time period that Lost and Found is kept - All items are kept for a maximum of 30 days. After the 30 day period they are bagged and taken to the Student Union. From here, items are dispersed to one of three companies: Sacred Heart, Santa Clara Valley Blind Center, or to a disposal unit.

c. Acceptable Lost and Found Items - Most reasonably sized items of value will be accepted. Due to limitation in type and size of storage facilities, the follow items will not be held at lost and found:

■ Perishable items (such as food)

■ Heavily soiled, unsanitary or wet clothing

■ Very large items (such as bicycles, some skateboards, etc.)

20. Cleaning:

In an effort to maintain cleanliness throughout the facility, please assist the staff and wipe down equipment when finished. Paper towels and cleaning solution are available in each area for your use.

Locker Room Policy

1. The use of any audio, video, or photography device is prohibited in the locker rooms and restrooms at all times. This includes all social media posts.

2. The SRAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not leave jewelry, watches, credit cards, or other high value items unattended. It is recommended you leave expensive items at home.

3. The staff is committed to maintaining cleanliness in its locker rooms. Do not leave trash or personal items in the locker room or shower area. Please report any concerns to a staff member immediately.

4. Personal items may not be hung on the outside of the locker at any time for any reason.

5. Etiquette:

a. For your protection use a secure lock on day use and semester/annual lockers.

b. Modesty is encouraged; cover up with a towel to move to and from the showers.

c. Wear protective foot covering in the showers and locker rooms.

d. Share bench space with other members.

e. Dry off before leaving shower area

f. Keep sink and vanity areas clean.

g. Close lockers after use.

6. Return used towels to equipment check out/in before leaving the facility.

Locker Rental:

1. Lockers may be rented at the Membership services desk when you enter the facility. Lockers are available to current members for an additional fee.

2. Locker contracts begin on the day they are purchased and expire at the end of the semester.

3. Items left in expired lockers will be cleaned out on the first day after the expiration date of the rental period. Personal items left in lockers after the clean out date will be retained per the SRAC lost and found guidelines (see page 12).

4. Sharing or subleasing lockers is prohibited.

5. Members are not permitted to use their locker to advertise or post information on the exterior or interior.

6. Members are responsible for securing their own locker. The SRAC is not responsible for any items in a locker during the rental period.

Day Use Lockers:

1. Defined as using the locker during times in which you are present in the SRAC and involved in activities. Lockers are not to be used for day storage when you are not present in the SRAC. Personal items must be removed after your activity time in the facility.

2. All day-use lockers are free and are subject to availability.

3. Members are expected to provide their own locks.

4. At closing time, locks will be cut and personal items remaining in day-use lockers will be removed and placed in the lost and found. Items will then be retained per the SRAC lost and found guidelines.

5. The SRAC is not responsible for replacing locks that are cut and removed.

Towel Service

1. The SRAC towel service may be purchased at the Membership services desk for a small,

one time, $10 fee. This gives you access to workout and shower towels.

2. If towels are not returned (lost, stolen, damaged) you will be required to pay another

towel service fee ($10) prior to requesting another towel.

3. Towels are checked out and returned at the equipment desk.

4. Individuals with towel service may request either one small workout towel or one

medium shower towel at a time. The service operates on an exchange system, with a clean towel issued when a used one is returned.

5. Do not use towels to wipe down equipment. Please use the designated equipment cleaner and paper towels in each fitness area to wipe down your equipment.

6. Workout Towels:

a. Smaller in size and for use when working out in the facility.

b. Workout Towels are not allowed outside the facility or on the pool deck.

7. Shower Towels:

a. Larger in size and for shower use only. Please do not use shower towels while working out on the fitness floor or in the pool.

b. Shower Towels are not allowed outside the facility or on the pool deck.

Equipment Checkout

1. Equipment may only be checked out from and returned to the equipment check out desk.

2. Equipment checkout is available from the time SRAC opens until 30 minutes prior to closing. All equipment must be returned to the equipment desk 15 minutes prior to close.

3. Equipment is checked out on a first come first serve basis and may not be reserved.

4. To reserve equipment for an event, please see our reservations packet (request one at the front desk or find it online).

5. Members may only check out the quantity of equipment appropriate for one participant.

6. Members with outstanding equipment holds will not be permitted to checkout additional items.

7. Equipment that is checked out must remain exclusively in the SRAC facility. All equipment must return to the equipment checkout area before an individual leaves the SRAC facility.

Member Liability

1. Equipment must only be used for its intended purpose.

2. Members are responsible for assessing their own skills. The SRAC is not liable for injury caused by misuse of equipment.

3. Members are liable for replacement cost of equipment that is not returned and for replacement cost of equipment that is returned damaged beyond what is expected from typical use.

4. Members may not loan checked out equipment to others for use. A member’s privilege to check out equipment may be suspended if this occurs.


See our reservations request packet. It may be found online or ask at the membership services desk for all details regarding reservations.

Facility Spaces

Fitness Equipment and Programming Age Restrictions: Participants/Members must be 18 years or older to utilize fitness or cardio equipment, or participate in programming.

Fitness Zones (weight rooms and cardio areas)

1. Chalk: ONLY liquid chalk is allowed in the fitness zones.

2. Weight Dropping: The dropping of weights is prohibited. Please complete exercises by placing weights on the floor with control. Members must remain in control of their equipment at all times.

3. All weights must be returned to their proper racks after completion of a set.

4. Spotters: It is recommended you use spotters.

5. Collars: The use of collars on bars is required, regardless of the amount of weight on the bar.

6. Equipment Cleaning: All cardio and fitness equipment with upholstery must be wiped down after each use. Disinfectant wipes are provided throughout the facility for your use. Please discard paper towels in trash cans.

7. Cardio Time Limits: There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardio equipment. Time limits will be monitored and enforced if there is a wait for equipment.

8. Equipment Repair and Adjustments: Only authorized personnel may repair equipment. Members are responsible for reporting damages or necessary repairs to the SRAC staff. Unauthorized alteration or adjustment of equipment is prohibited.

9. Removing Equipment: Fitness equipment cannot be removed from the fitness area. Doing so may cause damage to the floor, tile, or other surfaces.

10. “Working In”: To facilitate workouts while fitness spaces or specific equipment are in demand, please let other members work in, between sets or while resting.

11. Outside Equipment: Fitness equipment other than what is provided by the SRAC, is not permitted in the facility. This includes chains, specialty bars, gravity boots, and other items deemed unsafe by SRAC staff.


1. Access to specified Olympic lifting platforms is restricted to patrons who have attended the weight room orientation. Orientation dates and times may be found on our webpage.

2. Participants must check-in at the equipment desk to receive their lifting pass. This must be returned prior to leaving the facility.

3. A 45 minute time limit for all patrons will be enforced when multiple individuals wish to use the space.

4. All weights must remain in control of the lifter at all times, unless the lift is completely missed. Do not let the bar crash down and bounce several times.

5. Only one individual is allowed on a platform at a time.

6. Only one barbell is permitted on the platform at a time. All other barbells must be racked or off the platform.

7. Bags, straps, belts, trash, water bottles, etc. should be kept off the platform at all times.

8. Spotting for Olympic weightlifting is prohibited.

9. Pulls may only be performed on the platform or from pulling blocks. Use of vertically stacked weight plates for a heightened pulling base is prohibited.

10. Re-rack all weight plates, barbells, and collars to their respective places.

11. Liquid Chalk is allowed. All other forms of chalk are prohibited.

12. Bumper plates must remain in the Olympic lifting area, and are for use on the platforms ONLY. Do not use hex plates for Olympic lifts.

13. Shoes must be worn at all times.

14. SRAC staff reserves the right to modify or prohibit any exercise deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the platform area.

Fitness Studios

1. Audio Equipment may only be used by SRAC staff for scheduled activities.

2. Access: Studio A will be available for open recreation when not scheduled for program use. All other studios are only available for scheduled programs. Groups are not permitted to exclude others from entering and using Studio A during open recreation.

3. Studio Equipment provided in the fitness studios may not be removed from those spaces.

4. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times throughout the SRAC. See Apparel section for all requirements.

5. Footwear: Individuals wearing improper footwear will not be permitted to participate in SRAC activities. See apparel policies.

Studio A

1. When programs are not using the space, it is open to all individuals.

2. Fitness programing has priority in this space. If an SRAC employee informs you the room is closing for a class, clean up your equipment and exit the room immediately.

3. Respect the space and put equipment back where you got it.

4. Equipment from the functional fitness space may travel into this room (with the exception of the sled). If you chose to move equipment, please return it when you complete your workout.

5. Boxing will be available in this space during designated times. We recommend you use boxing gloves whenever you engage in this activity (available at equipment check-out).

Functional Fitness

Located in the south west corner of the second floor.

1. Olympic lifting bars and plates are not allowed in this area.

2. No items should be thrown at any windows in this space; this includes internal and external windows.

3. Be mindful of those around you. Before working on the turf, swinging a kettlebell, etc, check the area for other individuals to avoid any collisions.

4. Turf space: Like all our equipment, it is first come first serve. Allow for others to work-in. Keep the turf clear of equipment, with the exception of the sled, which may be used in this space only.

Climbing Wall and Bouldering Area

1. There is a significant amount of inherent risk while climbing. By climbing here, you agree to a joint responsibility with staff to reduce and manage risk. Our staff’s presence does not eliminate any risks.

2. Safety and supervision are our staff’s first priority. Make every effort to climb with a fellow patron before requesting assistance from Climbing Wall staff.

3. Please abide by all SRAC policies, expectations, and staff requests. The staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate privileges for inappropriate or unsafe behavior.

4. Always check harnesses, belay systems, and knots before climbing. Both your partners and your own.

5. Proper footwear and attire is required on the Climbing Wall and Boulder. Loose fitting jewelry is prohibited. Barefoot climbing is NOT allowed. Climbing shoes and other equipment are available at the equipment checkout desk.

6. Chalk balls (inside chalk bags) are allowed in this area. We do not provide chalk or chalk bags for rent, plan accordingly.

7. No cursing, loud offensive language, horseplay, or rough-housing is allowed.

8. Bouldering is allowed during all facility hours to those who have signed the waiver.

9. While bouldering, the climber’s head is not to go above the height of 12 feet (the height of the free standing boulder).

10. Individuals who wish to top rope belay must sign up for one of our one hour belay safety classes prior to being allowed to belay in our gym. Belay classes are available for free.

11. Lead climbing will not be allowed until Fall 2019. Individuals who wish to lead climb will have to sign up to take one of our 2 hour lead courses before being allowed to lead climb in our gym.

12. Belay devices must be attached to the harness of the belayer by means of a locking carabiner.

13. Ropes must be attached to a harness using a figure-8 follow through knot with at least 6 inches of tail.

14. When a harness is worn, harnesses must be double-backed at the waist and leg loop buckles. Both the climber and belayer must wear harnesses while climbing on ropes.

15. When belaying: keep break hand on rope and your eyes on the climber at all times. Do not sit and belay.

16. Belay instruction, outside of climbing clinics, is prohibited at the wall.

17. Personal devices (cell phones, music players, headphones, etc) are not allowed to be worn while climbing due to the risks of safe communications and objects falling on top of people on the ground.

3-Court and MAC Gyms

1. Intramural and Club Sports have priority for reservations in these spaces.

2. Equipment Set-Up: The SRAC staff is responsible for set-up and take-down of all court equipment, including dividers. Only authorized personnel are permitted to adjust court equipment. Members may visit the SRAC Guest Services desk to request alternate equipment setups. Note: Not all requests will be met.

3. Hanging on Rims and Nets: Dunking is permitted at the SRAC; however, hanging on rims or nets is prohibited.

4. Walls and Ceilings: The throwing, kicking, etc. of balls into the walls, bleachers and ceilings is not permitted.

5. “Got Next” Policy: When all courts are in demand, members should utilize a waiting system that allows other teams and individuals to participate. When necessary an SRAC staff member will facilitate this process. The typical policy that will be used is that all games are played to 10 (straight, not win by 2), scoring is by 1’s and 2’s; a team who wins is only permitted to stay on the court for a maximum of two games.

6. Court Benches: Individuals/groups at the completion of their use are responsible for returning court benches to the condition in which they found them. All trash and personal items must be removed.

7. All personal items (backpacks, water bottles, skateboards, etc.) must be stored appropriately in lockers, bench cubbies, or on a lockable bike, skateboard, scooter rack.

8. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times. Individuals wearing improper attire are not permitted to participate in specific activity areas.


1. Activity Direction: Users must follow signage for proper direction of activity.

2. Running vs Walking: Inside lanes are designated for running/jogging; outside lanes are for walking.

3. Track Availability: The track is intended for open recreation use. Do not stretch or block the flow of traffic on the track. Group use and structured practices on the track are not permitted.

4. Equipment: The use of fitness equipment (bars, dumbbells, plyometric boxes, etc) on the track is prohibited.

Lounge Areas

1. Water and snack size food items are allowed in the first and second floor lounge areas.

2. Sleeping is not allowed in any area of the facility.

3. Be mindful of those around you. Loud noise or disruptions may result in your being asked to leave the facility.

4. Report spills of any kind to a staff member so it may be taken care of immediately.


General Rules

1. Participants are advised to have a physical examination prior to participating in any physical activity. Student Union and SRAC assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries that take place on the SRAC premises.

2. Please be courteous and respectful of others.

3. Individuals may only use the facility during open hours and when a lifeguard is on duty.

4. SRAC staff is responsible for the safety of all facility users; follow their directions at all times. Staff members have the final say in policy interpretation and enforcement.

5. In an emergency, you will hear one long blast of a whistle; stop whatever you are doing and follow the staff’s instructions.

6. Please report instances of personal injury to a staff member immediately.

7. Dangerous pool entries, dives, and jumps are not permitted into pools.

8. All flotation devices must be US Coast Guard approved. Individuals wearing a USCG approved life jacket are reserved to the Recreation pool and must be within arm’s length of a responsible adult at all times.

9. No running is allowed on the pool deck.

10. No smoking/tobacco at any time. SJSU is a non-smoking campus.

11. Food and beverage may be brought in plastic containers. No glass containers are allowed. No food or beverages are allowed in pools.

12. No skateboards, scooters, or bicycles are permitted within the facility. Please lock them on the appropriate racks.

13. No pets allowed in the facility.

14. Participants are encouraged to lock their valuables at all times. SRAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

15. All guests must exit the water and pool deck ten (10) minutes before the posted closing time. All guests must exit the facility by the designated closing time.

16. Repeated policy violations or actions that threaten the safety and enjoyment of others may result in the loss of access and membership privileges.

Pool Etiquette

1. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted at the facility.

2. Proper swimming attire is required; including bathing suits, board shorts, or rash guards. No jeans, cut-offs, street clothes, basketball shorts, yoga pants, sports bras, athletic shorts, or inappropriate bathing attire.

3. “Deck Changing” or changing your clothes on the pool deck is prohibited at all times.

4. Please do not enter the water if you have open cuts, sores, wounds, infectious disease, or have had diarrhea, stomach flu or been severely sick in the last two weeks (14 days).

5. Before entering the pool area, we recommend rinsing off.

6. Rough housing and horseplay are not permitted in the facility.

7. Please do not hang on lane lines, ladders, ropes, or rails.

Pool Activities

1. Pool activities vary. Please check the facility schedule, or speak with a staff member to determine what activities are available. Classes, practices, and rentals may restrict the availability of some areas.

2. Water basketball and volleyball equipment are available for use on a first-come-first- serve basis.

3. Please return equipment (kickboards, pull buoys, etc.) to proper storage bins after use.

50 Meter Pool Rules:

1. Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. If more than two (2) people are sharing a lane please circle swim by staying to the right.

2. Do not swim through lap lanes.

3. Starting blocks are not for recreational use. Qualified instructors or coaches are required for supervision during usage.

4. A swim test is required to enter the 50 meter pool.

Diving Board Rules:

1. Only one (1) person may be on the board at a time. This includes the ladder to get to the board.

2. The area must be completely clear and the previous individual must be to the side wall prior to the next individual climbing the ladder for the board.

3. Do not run on diving boards.

4. Only one bounce is permitted on diving boards.

5. Dive straight off the end of the board; do not attempt to jump off the side of the board.

6. Swim to the nearest ladder or side of the pool and exit the diving area. Do not swim directly under the diving board.

7. No unorthodox dives/jumps or dangerous activities or games will be permitted on the diving boards.

8. The fulcrum must be kept below three (3) during open diving.

Youth Rules:

1. Children under the age of sixteen (16) must be supervised by an adult at all times.

2. Children who are not “water safe” must be within an arm’s reach of an adult at all times while in the water.

a. “Water Safe” is defined as a child who can safely tread water, control breathing, and demonstrate forward momentum above and below the water surface. Lifeguards have the discretionary authority to require an adult to be in the water with any child.

3. Children who are not toilet trained, MUST wear proper swim diapers.

4. Children under the age of eighteen (18) are not allowed in the Competition Pool.

5. Non-USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved floatation devices are not allowed. Please check with SRAC staff to ensure any floatation device you bring in is acceptable prior to using it.

6. Children wearing USCG approved flotation devices are not allowed in the Competition Pool and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

7. Please do not hang on lane lines, ladders, ropes, or rails.

8. Children may bring appropriate swim toys. No hard toys, balls, or squirt guns.