Pool Rules

1. Swim only when a Lifeguard is on duty.

2. No Running.

3. No Glass Bottles

4. No Gum

5. No Loud Music or Bluetooth Devices

6. Swim Diapers Required

7. No diving in recreation pool

8. Swimsuit Required

9. No pets (service animals ok)

10. No offensive language

11. Children under 7 must have adult in water with them

12. Swim test required for 50m pool

13. Swim test required for Diving Boards

14. No hanging on lane lines

15. No sitting in Lifeguard chairs

16. Shower before entering pool

17. No flips, somersaults, cartwheels, backflips

18. No food or drinks in pools

19. No horseplay

20. No drug or alcohol use

21. No weapons allowed

22. No smoking

23. No bicycles, skateboards, scooters allowed

24. No extended breath holding

25. Follow direction/rules of Lifeguard at all times

26. No inflatable toys allowed/Floaties ok