Climbing? Climb on!

Whether it’s your first time climbing, or you’re looking to meet a new group of friends to climb with, Spartan Summit (SJSU’s new climbing wall) offers a wide variety of top-rope routes, as well as bouldering terrain for you to build muscle and push your physical and mental limits. You’ll find our climbing wall staff is always ready to offer you encouragement while sharing their passion and knowledge of climbing.

Bouldering Hours

Monday - Friday 6am to 12am

Saturday - Sunday 7am to 10pm

Climbing Wall Hours

Monday - Friday 2pm to 10pm

Saturday - Sunday 12pm to 5pm

student bouldering
student top roping
Student bouldering

Safety Orientation

Climbing can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. Everyone wishing to climb MUST watch our short safety orientation video and pass our test BEFORE climbing any of our walls. After you pass the safety orientation test, you are welcome to check out a GREEN wrist band from our equipment desk (which you must wear visibly at all times when you climb).  


Our 13-foot tall submarine shaped boulder is open during all hours that our facility is open. If you wish to use our boulder, you must complete our safety orientation and be visibly wearing one of our wristbands that you can check out at our equipment desk. Bouldering is not allowed on the top rope wall.

Top Rope Climbing

Our top rope/lead climbing wall is open weekdays from 4pm-8pm and closed on weekends. Anyone wishing to belay or climb on our top-rope wall must take a quick 5 minute belay test from one of our climbing staff during open top-rope climbing hours. If you don't know how to belay or would like a refresher, we offer free 1-hour top-rope belay classes that you can sign up for below. Upon successful completion of this class, you will be allowed to check out a YELLOW wrist band from the equipment desk which will be your ticket to belay a climber up this wall.

Check out the schedule of classes to register or 408.924.6368 for more information.

Lead Climbing

We do not currently offer lead climbing on our wall. Please check back in the Spring 2020 if you are interested.




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Phone: 408.924.6212