What did you do last weekend?

Weekends are for creating memories, making new friends and going on adventures. Spartan Recreation offers students the chance to participate in epic Outdoor Adventures like hiking, camping, surfing, rock climbing, and mountain biking. All outings are led by student leaders and local experts who are ready to share their passion and outdoor knowledge with you. No matter your experience level, you won’t find a more welcoming group to wander, connect and grow with.

Strenuosity Scale

  1. Outing is relaxed with a minimal amount of physical exertion.

  2. Some elements might be slightly strenuous, but no prior physical conditioning is needed.

  3. Outing has some physically demanding aspects. Expect to sweat, and be sore the next day. 

  4. You will need to be in good physical condition and be prepared to be challenged.


Upcoming Trips
Registration begins Wednesday, August 21




Instagram: @sjsu_outdooradventures


Phone: 408.924.6212

Email: sjsuoutdooradventures@gmail.com